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Scientific Name: Ocimum Sanctum

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Ocimum Sanctum


  • Perennial
  • Green Tulsi or Ram Tulsi is one of four main forms of Tulsi that are generally recognized and cultivated for religious and medicinal purposes.
  • It is native to India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.
  • Tulsi is cultivated for medicinal and religious purposes - across the Indian subcontinent it is commonly used in Ayurveda, and has an important role within the Vaishnava tradition of Hinduism.
  • The Tulsi Holy Basils are referred to as an elixir of life and they perform worship involving holy basil plants or leaves.
  • In temperate regions Tulsi is grown as an annual.
  • It prefers full sun and will do well in pots or window boxes.
  • Seeds can be sown in spring and summer.

Culinary Uses

  • Green Holy Basil is slightly milder than the Purple Holy Basil.
  • The leaves are infused for tea and are used for flavoring in stirfries and salads.

Parts Used

  • Holy Basil is traditionally taken as an herbal tea, dried powder, fresh leaf or mixed with ghee.

Medicinal Uses. It is said that

  • Green Holy Basil, also known as Ram Tulsi, is a green variety of basil with the same attributes as Purple Holy Basil.
  • Medicinally it's been used in the treatment of colds and flue, to cleanse the respiratory tract of toxins, and in the relief of gas and bloating.
  • The oil is an antioxidant and is used for pain and arthritis.

Other Uses

  • Ram Holy Basil is a natural pest repellent and companion plant.
  • The oils naturally repel mosquitoes and house flies.
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