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Scientific Name: Inula helenium
Alternative Names: Scabwort

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Inula helenium
Inula helenium


  • Perennial
  • Hardy, robust perennial with thick rhizomes, stout, erect stems and large, pointed toothed leaves.
  • Bears yellow, daisy-like flowers in summer.
  • The flowers are hermaphrodite (self-fertile).
  • Can grow in any type of soil in semi-shade or full sun.
  • Requires moist soil and can tolerates strong winds but not maritime exposure.
  • When first dug up, the roots smell like ripe bananas, but as they dry they take on the scent of violets.

Parts Used

  • Rhizomes/roots and flowers.
  • Rhizomes/roots from plants not more than two or three years old, are lifted in autumn and flower heads are picked when fully open.

Medicinal Uses. It is said that

  • Alterative, anthelmintic, astringent, bitter, cholagogue, demulcent, diaphoretic, diuretic, mildly expectorant, gently stimulant, stomachic and tonic.
  • Anti-inflammatory action - reduces mucous secretions, treat coughs, consumption, bronchitis and other complaints of the chest.
  • Suitable for old and young - very useful when a patient is debilitated.
  • Cleanses toxins from the body, stimulates the immune and digestive systems and treat bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Not for pregnant women.
  • Powerful antiseptic and bactericide, particularly effective against the organism that causes TB.
  • Externally as a wash for skin inflammations and varicose ulcers - but may cause allergic reaction.

Other Uses

  • A blue dye can be obtained from the bruised and macerated root.
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