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Klip Dagga - Leonotis nepetifolia
#SH89/ 50g/ R 70.00

    Klip Dagga has long been used in African traditional medicine as a treatment for fevers, headaches, malaria, dysentery and snakebite. It has an effect on the uterus - depending on the dose it will stimulate- or suppress menstruation. In Trinidad it is a common cold, fever and asthma remedy. Studies suggest that teas or tinctures made with the leaf possesses anti-nociceptive properties (it inhibits the sensation of pain), is anti-inflammatory and hypoglycemic and therefore lend pharmacological credence to the folkloric uses of this herb in the management and/or control of painful, arthritic, and other inflammatory conditions, as well as for adult-onset type-2 diabetes mellitus.

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