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Cat’s Claw – Uncaria tomentosa
#SH67/ 50g powder/ R 70.00

    Cat's Claw is a diuretic depurative herb that has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral herb.

    Internally Cat's Claw can be used for inflammatory conditions of the digestive tract:

    • swelling and pain of the large intestines (diverticulitis)
    • inflammation of the lower bowel (colitis)
    • inflammation of the lining of the stomach (gastritis)
    • stomach ulcers
    • and leaky bowel syndrome

    Cat's Claw has antiviral properties that boosts the immune system and fights infections.

    Has anti inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties and is helpful in treating:

    • arthritis
    • allergies
    • asthma
    • diabetes
    • chronic fatique syndrome
    • herpes virus (herpes simplex and herpeszoster)
    • and viral infections

    Warning: Do not use when pregnant and not for children three years and younger. Do not use if you suffer from an auto immune disease like MS or Lupus.

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