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Common Name: YARROW - WHITE
Scientific Name: Achillea millefolium
Alternative Names: Woundwort

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Achillea millefolium
Achillea millefolium
Achillea millefolium


  • Perennial
  • Aromatic perennial, tough stems, fine feathery leaves.
  • White to pink flowers early summer to late autumn.
  • Good cut flower.
  • Drought tolerant.
  • Hardy.
  • Full sun/tolerates light shade.
  • Deadhead for a 2nd blooming, then cut back.
  • Replant every 2-3 years.
  • Flowers attract beneficial insects incl hover-flies, ladybirds, and parasite wasps that prey on garden pests like aphids.

Culinary Uses

  • Fresh young leaves in salad

Parts Used

  • Whole plant
  • Leaves and flowers

Medicinal Uses. It is said that

  • Astringent - relieves digestion (spasms).
  • Blurred vision - strengthen muscles that surround the eyes - allow eyes to bring objects into sharper focus.
  • Pain - stop inflammatory processes (rheumatism, arthritis), restore circulation (relaxes peripheral blood vessels ), lowers high blood pressure.
  • Cardiovascular.
  • Protect against thrombosis after a stroke/ heart attack.
  • Upper respiratory - colds, flue, measles, catarrh, asthma, diarrhea, dyspepsia.
  • Restorative for menstrual and urinary system (diuretic).
  • Mild sedative - may help prevent insomnia.
  • External:
  • Bruises - accelerate healing and relieve pain.
  • Stop nose bleed, put on cuts/wounds to stop bleeding.
  • Wash - eczema
  • Eye wash / compress - sty and pink eyes
  • Kill many kinds of bacteria found on human skin - halt potentially painful infection.
  • Wounds, nose bleeds, ulcers, inflamed eyes and hemorrhoids.
  • Caution: Prolonged use of yarrow may cause allergic rashes.

Other Uses

  • Cosmetic:
  • Flower infusion - facial steam and tonic lotion.
  • Basis for face pack for greasy skin/ in a relaxing bath.
  • Compost accelerator and a copper fertilizer:
  • Add a few leaves to the compost heap to speed up decomposition.
  • Copper is an indispensable constituent of all living tissue.
  • Leaves can be infused to make a non-toxic copper fertilizer - will prevent fungi and cure downy mildew.
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