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Common Name: ANISE
Scientific Name: Pimpinella anisum
Alternative Names: Aniseed

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Pimpinella anisum
Pimpinella anisum


  • Annual
  • Anise is native to Europe, Russia, Cyprus, Syria and Egipt.
  • It is a half hardy aromatic, downy annual that can grow up to 50cm, with kidney-shaped to ovate, pinnate leaves.
  • In summer tiny, of-white flowers are produced in umbels, followed by ribbed seeds.
  • Anise needs rich, well-drained, sandy soil, pH6.0 -7.5, in sun.
  • It is recommended in companion planting to repel aphids and cabbage worms - the flowers attracts parasitic wasps that prey on a number of garden pests.

Culinary Uses

  • Fresh leaves are added to salads, vegetables, soups and various cooked dishes in countries of origin.
  • Add a pinch of anise seed to cabbage and beans.
  • The seeds are used to flavour confectionary, dried figs, cakes, bread and curries.

Parts Used

  • Use leaves, flowers, seed.

Medicinal Uses. It is said that

  • Build-in feel-good factor - stress, good for children writing exams.
  • Boost concentration, clear thinking.
  • Tight chest pains, distressed breathing, tension head ache.
  • Digestive: colic, diarrhoea, nausea, heartburn, hiccups.
  • Help assimilation of food.
  • Asthma, bronchial spasm, coughs.
  • Expectorant - dry up phlegm
  • Insomnia, period pain, tooth ache
  • Seed sweeten breath, hiccups
  • Traditionally used by Lactating mothers to increase milk production and prevent babies from getting colic

Other Uses

  • Companion planting: Plant between spinach, lettuce and tomatoes.
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