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Scientific Name: Plectranthus grandidentatus

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  • Perennial
  • Creeping Vicks Plant is indigenous to the understory habitat of forest areas in South Africa.
  • It is a tender, very fast growing, trailing plant with soft, succulent-like light green leaves that is densely covered with hairs.
  • The leaves have prominent, large, toothed margins and when crushed give off a strong, pungent smell like that of Vicks VapoRub.
  • Masses of small white flowers appear mainly from late summer to autumn.
  • It can grow up to 50cm. tall and with a spread of 1m.
  • The Creeping Vicks Plant is frost sensitive, so plant it in a protected spot or into pots that can be moved to a more sheltered position during winter.
  • The leaves have a more pronounced, pungent smell if grown in full sun.
  • Excellent for areas under trees - but it can also be grown in a sunnier position. It is suitable to plant in hanging baskets and the flowers will attract bees. Cut back regularly to keep the plant neat and compact.

Parts Used

  • The leaves.

Medicinal Uses. It is said that

  • Recent scientific studies showed that it has strong antimicrobial properties.
  • It is said to be a very good external antiseptic and antibacterial remedy when used as an ointment.
  • Crushed leaves can be rubbed onto cuts, brushes, and shallow wounds to help treat inflammation and bacterial infections.
  • Leaves can be boiled to vaporize the oils into the air and breathed in, to clear nasal and respiratory passages.
  • It can be used in the making of essential oils, potpourris and it is also an excellent mosquito repellent.
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