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Scientific Name: Zephyranthes primulina

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  • Perennial
  • The Primrose Rain Lilly has yellow flowers and the back of the petals is tinged with peach.
  • It flowers singly on sturdy stalks over a long period beginning in late spring and may last into autumn - particularly after rain.
  • This is an easy to grow plant that readily multiplies from offsets as well as seeds.
  • Use rain lilies at the front of the border, as an accent plant, in rock gardens, along stepping stones and walks.
  • They are exceptionally hardy bulbous plants and are tolerant of a wide range of soil types assuming that have good drainage.
  • They do their best flowering when grown in full or mostly sun locations.
  • Rain lilies know the difference between rainwater and the water hose.
  • Apparently, there is a small number of nitrates that fall with the rain which signals the plants to flower.
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