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Scientific Name: Hibiscus mutabilis 'Flora Plena'
Alternative Names: Hardy Mallow

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  • Perennial
  • Confederate rose is a large deciduous shrub or small multi-stemmed tree native to China and Taiwan.
  • It has fuzzy green leaves and bears large double peony-like showy flowers that open white and change to rosy-pink as they mature.
  • Confederate Rose will die back in winter and resprout again in spring.
  • Prune back in winter after the flowers have faded.
  • Confederate Rose requires full sun and can tolerate being occasionally wet.
  • It makes an excellent choice for a butterfly garden.
  • The large, saucer-shaped flowers are an attractant for specialized bees and pollinators.

Parts Used

  • The leaves and flowers.

Medicinal Uses. It is said that

  • A decoction or infusion is used in the treatment of chest and pulmonary complaints.
  • Used for persistent coughs, menorrhagia, dysuria, and wounds, especially burns and scalds that are slow to heal.
  • The leaves and flowers are applied to swellings and skin infections.
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