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Scientific Name: Petroselinum Hortense
Alternative Names: Dutch parsley, Turnip-rooted parsley

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Petroselinum Hortense


  • Bienial
  • Hamburg rooted parsley is an heirloom variety that dates back before the 17th century, and was grown in Central Europe - Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Holland, and Russia.
  • It looks like Italian parsley and the edible greens are used the same as normal parsley.
  • Hamburg rooted parsley has edible 15cm. long tubers that look like a cross between a parsnip and a carrot.
  • It has a rough white-beige skin and is whiter beneath the skin.
  • Hamburg Rooted Parsley is a biennial, but it is usually grown as an annual.
  • The greens are harvested and used as needed throughout spring, summer, and autumn.
  • The leaves will only keep fresh for a couple days, so only take what is needed.
  • Both the edible flat green leaves and the large beige taproot can be harvested and eaten as a winter vegetable at the end of the first growing season. The leaves become very bitter as the plant starts to flower.
  • In heavy clay soil or dry soil, parsley root may be prone to forking into two smaller tubers.

Culinary Uses

  • Like flat leaf parsley – it tends to make a flavourful addition to cooked dishes - while curly parsley is often used as decoration.
  • The wedge-shaped root is mild but nutty, reminiscent of celery - and is usually sliced with the skin on and cooked in stews or soups.
  • The roots can be eaten raw, like a carrot - but is said that it is sweetest and tastiest if cooked.

Parts Used

  • The edible root is kept in the ground through winter and dug up as needed.
  • It is said that a touch of frost improves the flavour.

Medicinal Uses. It is said that

  • Hamburg rooted parsley contains Vitamin C, iron and sodium.
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