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Scientific Name: Rhagodia hastata
Alternative Names: Saloop

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Rhagodia hastata
Rhagodia hastata


  • Perennial
  • Berry Saltbush is found in the coastal and inland areas of eastern Australia.
  • It is a rounded shrub with silver grey foliage that turns red before falling.
  • Berry Saltbush bears small yellow flowers in loose to tight clusters in summer followed by red berries.
  • If left to grow, it can reach up to 2m.
  • It is fire retardant and an excellent weed suppressor for those wilder areas in the garden.
  • Berry Saltbush can be shaped into balls and makes an excellent hedging plant, tall or clipped short.
  • It can grow on very heavy soils, is drought resistant and needs full sun.

Culinary Uses

  • The leaves are edible after boiling to remove excess salt.
  • Small quantities are nice in garden salads and stir-fries.
  • The small red fruits are also edible but tend to have a bitter taste.

Parts Used

  • The berries and leaves.
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