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Scientific Name: Allium cepa var proliferum

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Allium cepa var proliferum


  • Perennial
  • Egyptian Walking onion has an ancient history - it was one of the staple crops fed to the Jews when they were building the pyramids and enslaved by the Egyptians.
  • This is a small bulbing perennial onion that will continue to grow from the same root system each year.
  • It produces topsets, a cluster of bulbils, at the top of the stalk where the flowers and seeds would normally be.
  • The bulblets will sprout and grow while still on the original stalk - they are usually marble-sized, between 0.5 cm to 3 cm in diameter.
  • The flower stem falls over and where the bulblets touch the soil, a new batch of onions develops, hence the term "Walking Onions".
  • Once planted, the bulbs easily divide, and within a matter of months you can re-divide to increase your stock.

Culinary Uses

  • Walking onions bulbs and topsets are crisp and have a sharp, pungent and spicy flavor.
  • Cooked or raw, onions are indispensable as flavouring for most meat and vegetable dishes.
  • To harvest - cut the greens in early spring and use like scallions or chives.
  • Cut and break apart the top set bulbs from mid-summer to autumn and use as you would chives or garlic.

Parts Used

  • The whole plant.

Medicinal Uses. It is said that

  • Onion is a pungent herb that protects against infection, relaxes spasms and reduces blood pressure, clotting, and blood sugar levels.
  • It is an expectorant and diuretic.
  • Use the bulbs and fresh juice.
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