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Common Name: KAROO GOLD, Yellow pomegranate
Scientific Name: Rhigozum obovatum
Alternative Names: Karoo rhigozum, Geelberggranaat (Afr.)

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  • Perennial
  • Yellow Pomegranate (SA Tree No: 675) occurs in the central to eastern Karoo, extending into south eastern Lesotho and the southern Free State.
  • It often grows on rocky outcrops (koppies) in this summer rainfall, but semi-arid region.
  • Winters are cold and the plant is hardy and frost tolerant.
  • It can be grown on the highveld provided it is not over-watered.
  • It is a twiggy, spiny shrub/small tree with small blue green leaves and brilliant golden trumpet-shaped flowers.
  • The flowers will appear in spring (before the leaves grow out) - making it an extremely attractive shrub for a small garden.
  • Yellow Pomegranate will bring life to gardens in dry areas where water is in short supply and garden maintenance is low.
  • Plant in very well drained soil in a sunny position.
  • Although it can stand any amount of drought and neglect, it will only grow attractively if watered well.
  • Yellow Pomegranate is easily propagated from seed sown from late spring to early autumn.
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