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Scientific Name: Jasminum fluminense
Alternative Names: Okarondo (Herero)

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 Jasminum fluminense
 Jasminum fluminense


  • Perennial
  • River Jasmine is indigenous to Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the KwaZulu Natal midlands and is always found near the water’s edge where it scrambles through the canopy of the riverine trees.
  • It is a hardy, evergreen fast-growing, woody climber up to 5m. with trifoliate, glossy leaves and bears clusters of sweetly-scented, small, white star-shaped flowers.
  • River Jasmine is one of only a few species that flowers all year and will do well in semi-shade in well-drained, compost-rich soil.
  • Train it over arches, along fences and on walls.
  • Prune regularly to keep in shape.
  • Plant close to a patio or window where the scent can be appreciated.

Parts Used

  • The branches (twigs).

Other Uses

  • The twigs of this climber are chewed to clean teeth.
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