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Scientific Name: Salvia indica

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Salvia indica
Salvia indica


  • Perennial
  • Salvia indica is native to Iran, Iraq, Israel and Turkey.
  • It is an attractive, clump forming perennial ornamental with felty leaves and hairy stems.
  • Salvia indica bears whorls of flowers that are falcate in shape with a mauve hood creating a large space between the lower lobes and the sickle shaped hood.
  • The exerted stigma is also mauve coloured.
  • The bottom middle lobe is beautifully marked in purple and white with brown edging, but the two side lobes are a deep purple.
  • This colourful combination of colours helps to attract and guide the bees and other insects into the flower itself.
  • It prefers full sun, loamy soil, and good drainage.
  • After flowering the plants need very little moisture.
  • It can survive temperatures down to −7 °C for brief periods.
  • When flowering is finished cut down the stems, clean away old leaves, tidy the clump, feed and mulch around the base to keep the roots and crown cool until it begins to grow again during winter.
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