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Scientific Name: Dactyloctenium Australe
Alternative Names: Bermuda grass

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Dactyloctenium Australe
Dactyloctenium Australe


  • Perennial
  • LM grass was named after the colonial name of the capital city of Mozambique, Lorenzo Marques – today called Maputo.
  • LM Grass is an indigenous, evergreen creeping perennial grass and it is by far the most popular lawn grass in South African gardens.
  • It has a medium coarse texture and it is a lighter shade of green than most lawns.
  • LM must not be mowed too short as is a surface runner.
  • It is well suited to shady areas and it can be grown in full sun as well.
  • LM is a low maintenance lawn that has excellent tolerance of drought and heat.
  • It is adaptable to a wide variety of soil conditions and has moderate traffic tolerance.
  • It can be planted to stabilise sand both inland and at the coast.
  • LM grass is palatable and can be utilised by animals, although it is not very leafy.
  • When planted, the seedlings can be spaced from 15 – 25cm apart.
  • The closer they are spaced the quicker it will grow into a dense lawn.
  • We are selling trays containing 200 strong seedlings.
  • Minimum order is one tray.
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