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Scientific Name: Melothria scabra
Alternative Names: Mouse melon, Mexican miniature watermelon, Pepquinos

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Melothria scabra
Melothria scabra
Melothria scabra


  • Perennal
  • Cucamelon is native to Mexico and Central America - where it is called sandiita because it bears tiny watermelon lookalikes small enough to fit in a teaspoon.
  • It is a pretty, high-yielding vine with tiny leaves and small yellow flowers about four millimetres in diameter.
  • They need a sheltered sunny site and can be planted 15cm apart to get the most out of a small space - thus perfect for the cottage garden.
  • It will also do well in a hanging basket and can be grown on a bright windowsill in a warm living room.
  • Cucamelons are delicate to begin - but they will soon begin to fill out and need a trellis.
  • They are drought and pest resistant.

Culinary Uses

  • Cucamelon has the flavour of pure cucumber with a tinge of lime.
  • They can be eaten raw in the same way as traditional cucumbers.
  • Unlike regular cucumbers that must be peeled and seeded - there is no need with the cucamelon.
  • For salads - choose small cucamelons less than 2.5cm in length that have not developed many seeds yet.
  • Mix whole cucamelons (fresh, blanched or pickled) into a bowl of olives and serve with drinks.
  • Spear them with toothpicks and pop them into a martini.
  • They can be served with pretzels and chips.
  • Taste good in a simple ham sandwich or with a fancy cheese-board.
  • They are excellent in stir-fries and can be chopped and added to salsas for extra texture and flavour.

Parts Used

  • Harvest cucamelons when they are the size of olives or small grapes and still firm to touch.
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