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Common Name: PETS - DOG GRASS
Scientific Name: Agrospyron canina
Alternative Names: Bearded Wheat Grass

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Agrospyron canina
Agrospyron canina


  • Perennial
  • Well loved by dogs - hence the botanical name Agrospyron canina (canis means dog).
  • Dog grass is a tufted perennial bunchgrass with erect, hollow culms and flat to rolled inward leaf blades that are covered with distinct, soft hairs.
  • It can either be planted in the garden or in pots.
  • Dogs have instinctive herbal knowledge and they know exactly how much grass to eat to serve a specific purpose.
  • They eat Dog grass as a laxative, to promote vomiting, to aid digestion, to cleanse their bowels and for the removal of intestinal worms.
  • Many dogs are kept in enclosures where all vegetation is spoiled by trampling and/or is soiled with urine and faeces.
  • Also most pets have a commercial diet of store-bought pet foods and we tend to forget that, if given a choice they would instinctively also choose some natural vegetation.
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