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Scientific Name: Capsicum annuum 'longum group'

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Capsicum annuum 'longum group'
Capsicum annuum 'longum group'
Capsicum annuum 'longum group'


  • Annual
  • Chinese Five Color is a colorful ornamental and edible hot pepper generally thought of as an heirloom variety from China.
  • It can grow up to 45cm tall, are bushy and well-branched and has green stems with purple markings and dark green leaves with a purple blush.
  • The conical peppers can grow to about 5cm long and is best known for their multiple color changes as they ripen through the season.
  • They ripen from purple, cream, yellow, orange to red.
  • It's common to have all colors present on a plant at the same time.
  • The flavor is quite hot and the young fruits are sharper and mature fruits are sweeter in taste.
  • Plants take 85 days to produce fruit after planting from seedlings.
  • Chinese Five Color chili pepper is a beautiful ornamental and edible plant suitable for growing indoors, as bedding or container plants as well as vegetable garden standards.
  • They need rich, well-drained soil in sun.

Culinary Uses

  • Most of the heat comes from the pithy ribs, inner lining and seeds of the pepper, so keep this in mind when cooking with them.
  • It measures Scoville: 5,000 - 30,000 units.
  • Add to vegetables, pickles, chutney, meat, pasta, salads, sandwiches, stews, soups, curries, sauces, marinades, stir fries and eggs.
  • Is a food preservative in the tropics.

Parts Used

  • The fruit.

Medicinal Uses. It is said that

  • Rich in vitamin C, stimulates the appetite and cool the body, especially in hot climates, by increasing perspiration.
  • This cooling effect creates a feeling of calm and benignity.
  • To relieve the burning sensation in the mouth - drink yoghurt or milk.
  • Tonic and antiseptic. Internally: Stimulates the circulatory (varicose veins and poor circulation). Gastrointestinal detoxifier.
  • Externally: Sprains, arthritis, unbroken chilblains, neuralgia, lumbago and pleurisy - a poultice will irritate the tissues, increasing blood supply to the area and reducing sensitivity to pain.
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