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Scientific Name: Bulbine natalensis
Alternative Names: Ibhucu (Zu), Rooiwortel (Afr)

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Bulbine natalensis
Bulbine natalensis
Bulbine natalensis


  • Perennial
  • Indigenous to South Africa.
  • Frost tender evergreen perennial, broad sharp pointed fleshy yellow-green leaves.
  • Clusters of star-shaped yellow flowers on long thin flowering stems.
  • Drought resistant.
  • Full sun/ semi shade

Culinary Uses

  • None

Parts Used

  • Fresh root, leaves and leaf sap

Medicinal Uses. It is said that

  • First-aid remedy - treat stings, mosquito bites, blisters, cold sores, mouth ulcers, cracked lips, -finger tips and -heels,
  • burns, sunburn, cuts, bruises, dries out acne, wounds, rashes, itches, ringworm, herpes, fever blisters and sores, itching.
  • Leaf gel aids healing of post-operative scars.
  • Roots - help to quell vomiting, diarrhea
  • Treat convulsions, venereal diseases, diabetes, rheumatism, urinary complaints and blood disorders

Other Uses

  • Treat rashes or eczema on animals
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