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Scientific Name: Withania somniferia
Alternative Names: Geneesblaarbossie (Afr), Winter cherry (Eng), Ubuvimbha (Zu), Ubuvuma (Xho), Bofepha (So)

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Withania somniferia
Withania somniferia


  • Perennial
  • Indigenous to South Africa.
  • Upright evergreen shrub - mealy stems and ovate leaves.
  • Small green to yellowish flowers in short clusters in the leaf axils - followed by small orange-red berries, enclosed in a brown papery inflated calyx.
  • Frost hardy.
  • Drought resistant.
  • Sun/ partial shade.
  • Cut back in spring.

Culinary Uses

  • Seeds are used to coagulate milk

Parts Used

  • Whole plant: roots, fruits, leaves and root bark

Medicinal Uses. It is said that

  • Also called Indian Ginseng - because it is used the same way than Indian ginseng!
  • Bitter-sweet, astringent, warming herb with a horse-like smell.
  • Acts on the reproductive system - impotence and infertility.
  • Stimulate uterus - induce contractions in prolonged labour/ retained placenta. Aprodisiac.
  • Nervous system, sedative, insomnia, rejuvenate.
  • Debility, convalescence, geriatric complaints, waisting diseases and failure to thrive in children.
  • Help epilepsy, joint-, nerve and rheumatic pains.
  • Roots: ingredient in Ayurvedic tonic formulas - multiple sclerosis, asthma, tonics.
  • Externally: Wound healing, open cuts, swelling, burns, stings, abscesses, inflammation,
  • hemorrhoids, rheumatism and syphilis.
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