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Common Name: BETONY
Scientific Name: Stachys officinalis

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Stachys officinalis
Stachys officinalis
Stachys officinalis


  • Perennial
  • Growing up to 60cm.
  • Heart shaped leaves, clusters of pink/purple or white flowers.
  • Hardy.
  • Sun or partial shade

Culinary Uses

  • Leaves and flowers are used to make a tea

Parts Used

  • Aerial parts - leaves and flowers

Medicinal Uses. It is said that

  • Remedy for headache and facial pain
  • Bitter tonic - stimulate digestive system and liver
  • Sedative - relieve stress, neuralgia and nervous disorders
  • Astringent: sinus headache and congestion
  • Cerebral circulation, hypertension and menopausal problems
  • Gargle/wash: sore throat, ulcers, gum inflammation, wounds, bruises

Other Uses

  • Hair rinse: darkens gray hair
  • Use as yellow dye for textiles
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