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Absinthium (Wormwood)


Scientific Name: Artemisia absinthium

A must have for all caring pet owners!

Absinthium, also known as wormwood is one of the silver artemesias and a hardy herbaceous perennial. It bears tiny yellow flowers and has grey-green leaves. Both are very bitter with a musky, aromatic smell.


Absinhium is one of the main ingredient of Absinthe, the green aniseed flavored alcoholic drink.


It has anti-inflammatory properties and is an anti-depressant.

It is a bitter energy tonic for continuously exhaustion and over tiredness.

Traditionally it has been used to stimulate appetite and to treat dyspeptic complaints, including gastritis, gall bladder ailments, jaundice and hepatitis.

For centuries it has been used to expel intestinal worms, to stimulate the liver and the uterus - it was traditionally used to bring on childbirth.

Please avoid it during pregnancy.

Infusion: ΒΌ cup fresh/ 1tsp dried leaves to 500ml boiling water, per day, is taken before or after a meal. Topically the infusion can be used as a wash to treat skin disorders, infestations such as scabies and cuts and grazes.

Compress: Soak a pad in the infusion to soothe bruises and bites. A Wormwood dressing of hot leaves bound over sprains, arthritic and rheumatic swelling has pain relieving action.

Insect repellent

Absinthium is a superb insecticide without any harmful effects on bees and other useful insects.

  • Use it against caterpillar, white fly and aphids.
  • Plant it under fruit trees to keep away codling moth.
  • Grow it near carrots and potatoes.
Repellent spray: Cook 225g absinthe leaves for 30 min. on the stove in 2 liter water. Strain and cool. Dilute 5ml washing powder or dishwashing liquid in 500ml hot water. Mix and spray regularly.

Spray in and outside the house to repel ants. Spray regularly as a precaution or 2 days continuously when there is an outbreak. Dried powdered absinthium also repels ants.

Flea, fly and lice repellent- harmless to animals : Use a strong tea to expel fleas - use it to wash your carpets and wash the dog with diluted tea - either will have no fleas. Hang bunches of leaves in a chicken coop to deter flies, lice and fleas. Place dried leaves in the hens bedding straw.

Flea powder: 1 tsp each dried Rosemary, Absinthium, Rue and 1 tsp fennel seed, crushed. Mix together and comb sparingly into your pets hair.

Absinthium (Wormwood)
Absinthium (Wormwood)

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